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Product Description



Production Code: HS-250


Basic information


  1. smileyProduct name: Precipitated Silica
  2. smileyMolecular formula: SiO2.nH2O
  3. smileyCAS code: 7631-86-9
  4. smileyCustoms code (HS code): 2811.2200



  1. smileySpecial to be used as matting agent. Suitable for the varnish, paint, solvent wood coatings, architectural coatings
  2. smileyPrinting ink, leather surface treated, textile coating




  1. smileyHigh oil absorbs silica with high surface area
  2. smileyGood dispersion and good flowing deformation
  3. smileyLight resistance and sagging resistance
  4. smileyUV resistance and subside resistance
  5. smileyCorrosion resistance 


Specification data




Properties Units Target Values (Spec Limits) Test Methods
Loss on drying (2Hrs,105OC) % 4.0-7.0 HG/T3065-2008
Ignition loss 1000OC % Max.7.0 HG/T3066-2008
DBP absorption value cm3/g 2.50-3.50 HG/T3072-2008
45um Sieve Residue % Max.0.5 HG/T3064-2008
pH value(10%aqueous suspension)   ---- 6.0-8.0 HG/T3067-2008
SiO2(Dry Basis) % Min.93 HG/T3062-2008
BET specific surface area m2/g 220-280 HG/T3073-1999
Soluble salt (Na2SO4) % Max.1.5  
Particle size (Powder)  um 12-45  
Appearance   white powder HG/T3063-2008
Fe content ppm Max.500  



  1. smileyRegular weight:10kg/bag, 20kg/bag
  2. smileyCoated plastic woven bag with two layer. Outter material is PP, Inner is PE



  1. smiley18 MT/40HQ without pallet for powder shape in 20kg/bag



  1. smileyXiamen
  2. smileyFuzhou



  1. smileyRecommend storing the products in a dry, cool place and removed from volatile organic substances.
  2. smileyProduct more than 24 months should be tested for moisture content before use in order to make certain that it is still suitable for the intended application.





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CAS NO: 7631-86-9 silicon dioxide

                  70883-92-0 hydrated amorphous silica

                 10279-57-9 silica hydrate

                 41846-91-7 silica

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