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The production capacity of the silica factory in China

Date : 2017/3/24 17:25:48

Precipitated silica is one of the synthetic powdery silicic acid products, also known as precipitated silica white, it is rubber, plastic, paint, ink, paper, pesticide and toothpaste industry indispensable excellent additives, especially in rubber industry, silica has become the best white reinforcing filler. At present, the production capacity of the silica factory in China has reached 8 to 100,000 tons per year, and has been widely used in many industries and has become one of the important inorganic chemical products.

Precipitated silica is a hydrated amorphous silicic acid white powder, the main component of silica, insoluble in water and acid, in the air to absorb water after the accumulation of fine particles. Heating, soluble in sodium hydroxide and hydrofluoric acid, non-burning, with good electrical insulation, porosity and dispersion.