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The use of silica white produced by silica factory

Date : 2017/3/21 17:15:10

The use of silica white produced by silica factory is widely used, and different products have different uses, now we summarized as follows: as a good synthetic rubber reinforcing agent, its reinforcing performance after carbon black, the ultra-fine and the appropriate surface. After treatment, even better than carbon black. Especially in the manufacture of white, color and light-colored rubber products is more applicable. Used as thickening agent or thickener, synthetic oil, insulating paint blending agent, paint degreasing agent, electronic components encapsulation material thixotropic agent, phosphor screen coating phosphor deposition agent, color printing plate filling agent, cast release agent. Add resin, can improve the resin moisture and insulation properties. Filled in the plastic products, can increase the anti-slip and anti-oil. Filled in the silicone resin, can be made resistant to more than 200 ℃ plastic. Used as a surface ingredient for fillers and paper in the paper industry. There are also carriers or dispersants used as insecticides and pesticides, anti-caking agents and liquid adsorbents and lubricants.