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Fumed silica factory cooperates with the organic silicon monomer production company

Date : 2017/3/15 17:19:04

In the 1960s and 1970s, fumed silica mainly used silicon tetrachloride as raw material, the production process is easier to control, but the cost is higher. At present, the fumed silica factory cooperates with the organic silicon monomer production company to produce the fumed silica by using the cheap organic silicon by-product as the main raw material, while the fumed silica production process is the by-product hydrochloric acid return to the organic silicon monomer plant for the synthesis of organic silicon monomer, silicone products for the post-processing, the formation of a recycling of resources, promote the development of a virtuous circle, with excellent social and economic benefits. Germany Degussa (Degussa) and the United States Cabot (Cabot) silica factory's gas production technology leader in the world. Their production equipment is large in scale, high in automation, low in product cost, and grade (especially for specialty products in special fields), good quality, such as uniform surface area distribution and low water content.

The largest amount of silica is used in the rubber industry as the best white reinforcing filler. In recent years, due to the development of domestic rubber and tire industry, stimulated as a rubber supplements of the rapid growth of silica production. At present, domestic and foreign filler with silica, mainly quartz sand as raw materials made of water glass, and then precipitation method to produce fumed silica. The production process consumes a lot of soda ash and acid, the production cost is higher. Many researchers are exploring the use of diatomaceous earth, serpentine, wollastonite, kaolin, bentonite and other non-metallic minerals and other raw materials to produce fumed silica process.