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Nano-silica aerogels silica factory produce civilian products

Date : 2017/3/14 17:10:05

The new nano-silica aerogels, developed by the National Center for Nano Science and Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the silica factory, have been used in the pipeline for the transport of heavy oil in Xinjiang oilfield.

Since the 1930s, nano-silica aerogels in the field of domestic and international aviation applications, but subject to technology, high cost, not mass production. Silica factory and Chinese Academy of Sciences to promote the technology in the insulation and ultra-large capacity of carbon dioxide supercritical extraction and drying to achieve a breakthrough. The use of these two technologies to open aerogel insulation board and carbon dioxide supercritical extraction and drying equipment, can promote the nano-silica aerogels insulation materials industry and large-scale production. At present, domestic aerogel has just started, the annual output of hundreds of tons, tons of price of 400,000 yuan to 700,000 yuan, the import price of 150,000 US dollars. The cost of raw materials using new technology is only 10% to 15% of foreign prices, cost-effective.

Aerogel technology is the basic technical support for nano-silica aerogel insulation technology. When the gel takes off most of the solvent, the liquid content in the gel is much less than the solid content, or the space in the gel network is filled with gas and the solid is solid, which is the dry gel called aerogel. The unique structure of the aerogels determines its very low thermal conductivity, which is lower than the thermal conductivity of air. With the domestic quality of crude oil resources less and less, the major oil fields are mining heavy oil, silica aerogels in the application of a wide range of industrial pipelines in the civilian areas can also be vigorously promoted.