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Domestic silica factory which exported to US often ignore the issue of patent

Date : 2017/3/13 17:14:29

There is no doubt that since it is exported to the US product, it must be high-end silica aerogels. And domestic silica factory in the export of such products, ignoring the issue of patents, often will bring a lot of trouble to the enterprise, the respondent may need to pay up to millions of dollars in litigation costs, no litigation will be completely lost tickets for the US market. This will undoubtedly bring the business involved in a huge business difficulties.

On this issue, Xiamen University experts pointed out that for the silica aerogels products with domestic R & D level, fully capable of bypassing the US patent, to make similar products.

The professor revealed that for the preparation of nano-silica aerogels, first from the powder to get on a breakthrough. Usually there are two types of powder agglomeration:

Hard agglomeration, can not use a slight shear force and the general chemical method (such as the addition of surfactant) to open. The main reason for the formation of its hard agglomeration is that during the preparation of the powder, due to the fact that the solid phase reaction temperature is too high or the powder is sintered, the strength of the agglomeration powder is like a ceramic block, which is a strong chemical bond ) forming.

Soft agglomeration, refers to the use of a slight shear force plus chemical method can be scattered agglomeration, agglomeration between the small force. Hard agglomeration is a world-class problem that needs to be solved from the source of the manufacturing process, and soft reunion is relatively easy to solve.

Because silica aerogels can be used as insulation materials, aerospace materials, air purification, water treatment and other functional structure of the sandwich, fill layer, or with other materials composite, adhesive use, still belong to a sunrise new material industry, has a huge market potential, especially in the field of construction, can be used as a glass filling material, the use of silica aerogels as a filler material, can play a super good insulation effect, in terms of environmental protection and energy saving will have a broad space.