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Professional silica factory

Date : 2017/3/10 17:10:07

HISILCO CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of silica factory. Fumed silica is extremely important one of the high-tech ultra-fine inorganic new materials, because of its small particle size, so the specific surface area, strong surface adsorption, surface energy, high chemical purity, good dispersion, resistance and other aspects of a specific performance, with its superior stability, reinforcement, thickening and thixotropy, in many disciplines and unique characteristics of the field, has an irreplaceable role. Nano-silica widely used in various industries as additives, catalyst carriers, petrochemicals, bleaching agent, matting agent, rubber supplements, plastic fillers, ink thickeners, polishing agent, insulation adiabatic filler, senior household cosmetics filler and spraying materials, medicine, environmental protection and other fields. And for the development of related industries to provide a new material base and technical assurance.

Excellent performance:

1. As a liquid thixotropic agent and thickener, anti-precipitation, anti-sagging;

2. Improve the suspension and dispersibility of pigment packing in liquid systems;

3. Used as a dispersing and grinding aids;

4. Improve the corrosion resistance of the coating;

5. Improve the powder flow, storage stability;

6. To improve the powder charge and charge stability;

7. Improve water resistance;

8. To improve the film scratch resistance;

9. Improve the color of bright;

10. Fixed special effects;

11. Improve the physical and mechanical properties of paint film;

12. To improve the film adhesion and flexibility;

13. Improve the rubber, elastomer viscoelastic properties, reinforcement;

14. Defoaming effect in defoamers;

15. Improve the surface hardness of the coating, scratch resistance;

16. Prevention of adhesion in films and elastomers;

17. As adsorbent and carrier;

18. For inkjet printing;

19. Advanced filler as dental material;

20. As a catalyst carrier, significant thermal insulation for low temperature and high temperature insulation.