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Fumed silica factory survive difficult

Date : 2017/3/9 17:18:11

Fumed silica is by far is the most widely used ultrafine powder. A few years ago, benefited from the rapid development of polysilicon market, fumed silica by-product of silicon tetrachloride supply surplus, the domestic silica factory simple reproduced technology, blindly follow the trend of development, low-end market competition; but in recent years, polysilicon hydride technology development and market downturn, making the market a serious shortage of silicon tetrachloride supply, fumed silica production capacity and technological progress has been severely constrained, most enterprises survive difficulties, part of the Chinese silica factory shut down.

After 50 years of development of domestic fumed silica industry, and not in a single set of production capacity, process automation, follow-up high value-added processing depth of the international competitive advantage. At present, China has none silica factory could produce over 10,000 tons of scale size, deep processing has just started, hydrophobic products or basic dependence on imports, which to the domestic organic silicon and new materials industry, the potential for the development of potential risks, the development of fumed silica industry far away.

Domestic fumed silica industry in order to achieve rapid development, the state must further increase the support of the gas-phase silica industry and innovation, to solve the constraints of industry development and related bottlenecks in the downstream industry to promote the industry's focus on healthy development.