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China's silica factory constantly working to develop new varieties

Date : 2017/3/6 17:28:36

In recent years, silica white has been improving in the electronics, coatings, plastics, paper, food, health care, feed and pesticide industries, due to the continuous improvement of product performance, from the "Global Specialty Silicones Summit" hosted by INTERTECH2PIRA, in the rapid growth in demand, the global demand for the average annual growth rate is 3% to 4%. China's silica factory is also constantly working to develop new varieties, but still in the variety, grade and quality of the gap with foreign far away, so every year from abroad to import. Because of China's silica white products are still in the LDS stage, some high-tech products shortage, and the rapid development of the domestic market demand, so they have to invest and build factories in China. A few years ago Germany has Degussa company, the United States PPG company, the French Rhodia company to build our country.

In addition, the current production of our country is the middle and low silica white, its use and market demand has become saturated, and the emergence of oversupply trend, resulting in disorderly competition in the price. China's silica factory needs to be refined, high-grade and high value-added products in the direction of development, and silica factory do not repeat the construction of traditional production "standard."

So far, the precipitation of silica white has three categories: one is the "standard" of the traditional white silica (LDS); the second is easy to disperse silica white (EDS); third, is highly dispersed silica white (HDS). From their application point of view, the market trend is roughly: LDS is mainly used for plastic products, rubber sole and radial tire belt (to enhance the adhesion of steel wire and rubber), but also for truck truck tire tread. In order to improve the tread of the anti-thorn and anti-blooms, the demand is greater.