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Production development trend of silica factory

Date : 2017/3/3 17:15:22

As China's silica factory have a certain scale, raw materials and power consumption is close to the international level, the general product quality can basically meet the needs of the international market, and thus rely on inexpensive advantage, began to accelerate into the international market. The main exporting countries are South Korea, Southeast Asian countries and Vietnam. At present, only a small amount of domestic production of exports, mainly to meet domestic demand. It is understood that the import and export volume of silica (according to international practice to silica white, silica powder, quartz powder, silica gel and silica sol import and export goods collectively referred to as silica) total import and export volume about 17%.

Production trends:

1. Silica factory has large-scale and centralized development. In order to reduce energy consumption and reduce costs, domestic manufacturers to learn from foreign manufacturers, make the enterprise size and production bigger.

2. Continuous improvement of production process. In order to reduce energy consumption and reduce costs, the current enterprises are actively developing and adopting new technology and new technology.

3. Large-scale production equipment. At present, the domestic silica production equipment manufacturing capacity has been greatly improved, such as 1000m2 large-scale enhanced polypropylene van automatic discharge filter has been applied; single set of annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of large-scale spray drying equipment has been produced and application.

4. Energy-saving emission reduction measures continue to improve. Silica white is a large energy consumption products, production plants in energy-saving emission reduction done a lot of work. Such as: water glass dissolved in the process of waste heat recovery, drying exhaust and filter the mother liquor waste heat recovery and utilization; in the energy-saving aspects of rolling materials have been changed into static pressure kettle and the implementation of the frequency converter to make comprehensive energy consumption reduce, some manufacturers energy-saving capacity has reached the international advanced level.

In the reduction of acid waste water for comprehensive utilization, such as barium salt precipitation and flash technology to reduce the waste acid water, and comprehensive extraction of barium sulfate or sodium sulfate.