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The main silica factory of silica white

Date : 2017/3/2 17:14:59

Domestic precipitation silica white main production enterprises are about 28 silica factory, more than 10,000 tons of enterprises has reached 26 silica factory. Three of them in more than 80,000 t scales. At present the world's major international multinational companies are silica Germany, the United States PPG company, the United States Qiu Bo, among which, the United States PPG silica factory global annual output of more than 200,000 t, US Qiubo global annual output of more than 140,000 t.

According to the US market research report made by Namchi Consulting, the global demand for silica white is expected to increase at an annual rate of 4%.

Its maximum use is as a reinforcing filler for use in rubber and plastic products, which can improve tensile strength, hardness, tear strength and abrasion resistance. Other uses include liquid carriers and anti-caking agents, and can also be used as thickeners and rheological aids. Demand growth is still the main driving force from the tire industry, the past 10 years in the tire industry demand for silica white about 31% of total demand, other demand, non-tire rubber industry demand accounted for 27%, toothpaste and health care products demand accounting for 11%, while paper, plastics, coatings and defoamers and other chemicals demand accounts for about 31%. Degussa, Rhodia, PPG, USA and the Tokuyama /OSC Group are about 70% of the world's total capacity.