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The expanding of fumed silica application areas bring new profit to silica factory

Date : 2017/2/27 17:23:00

Nowadays, many silica factories can produce fumed silica. Fumed silica as an important inorganic chemical raw materials, in addition to traditional applications, the new application areas are expanding, which brings new profit to silica factory. China's fumed silica was mainly used in the field of military applications, in the 1990s began a large number of civilian industries, such as silicone rubber, polyester, sealant, paint and ink and other fields. But due to higher prices, limiting the wide range of applications, such as the rubber industry is also a large number of precipitation using silica.

The fumed silica is mainly used in the field of room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (RTV) and hot vulcanized silicone rubber (HTV), in the amount of up to 40 parts, it is used in the field of silicone rubber accounted for its total output 60%, so the breadth and depth of the use of silicone rubber will directly affect the market demand for fumed silica. China's large-scale application of silicone rubber has started, the future will have a huge market potential.

China's fumed silica production process and scale in recent years has been a great development, the production of fumed silica can be part of the alternative imports, the product quality is close to the world's advanced level, but compared with foreign companies still exist small size of the device, less variety of products and other issues. Foreign silica is actively joining the domestic market, China's fumed silica factory is facing enormous pressure and challenges of survival. Domestic manufacturers should increase production capacity as soon as possible, improve product quality, increase product variety, and strive to develop high-quality fumed silica to meet the needs of various industries. The market for surface modification of hydrophobic fumed silica demand is very large, in this regard the domestic industrial production has started, strengthen the technical research and production of such products, enhance product market competitiveness is imminent.