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The silica factory of China successfully developed nano-silica until 1996

Date : 2017/2/22 17:24:39

The silica produced by silica factory are mainly used in the following aspects:

1, Silica is widely used, it has been used in high-performance communications materials, optical fiber is the main raw material of silicon dioxide crystals. 

2, Silica crystal commonly used to manufacture important parts of the electronics industry, optical instruments, also used to make high-level industrial products and glasses and so on.

3, Glass.

4, Concrete, road construction materials, artificial marble, cement physical properties test materials (ie, cement standard sand) and so on. Porcelain embryo and glaze, kiln with high silica bricks, ordinary silicon brick and silicon carbide and other raw materials.

Nano-silica is a very promising industrial products, it has a very broad application. China's research on nanomaterials started relatively late, until the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" this research was carried out quickly, and achieved remarkable results. At the end of 1996, the silica factory of China successfully developed nano-silica, so that China has become the the fifth international production of this product in the country after United States, Britain, Japan, Germany. The mass production of nano-silica provides a solid foundation for its research and development.