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The main production products of silica factory

Date : 2017/2/21 17:22:26

Hisilco Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd is a silica factory. Our products mainly including: Feed Additive Silica, Silicon Rubber Silica, Rice Roller Rubber Silica, Compound Rubber Silica, Shoes Sole Silica, Tire Silica.

Silica is widely found in nature, and together with other minerals constitute a rock. The naturally occurring silica is also called silica and is a hard, refractory solid.

The main component of quartz is also silica, transparent quartz crystal, that is, we often say that the crystal. 

The chemical nature of the silica is not active, does not react with water, nor react with acid (except hydrofluoric acid), but can react with alkaline oxide or alkali to form salt.

The chemical properties of silica characteristics: SiO2 is an acidic oxide, is the acid anhydride of silicic acid. However, SiO2 has some special properties compared to other acidic oxides. 

(1) Acidic oxides can be directly with the water to produce acid, but SiO2 can not be directly with water. It corresponds to the hydrate - silicic acid, can only be used with the corresponding soluble silicate with acid reaction (silicic acid insoluble in water, is a weak acid, its acidity is even weaker than carbonic acid.

(2) Acidic oxide is generally not with the role of acid, but SiO2 can react with hydrofluoric acid to produce gaseous silicon tetrafluoride.

Ordinary glass, quartz glass is the main component of silica. Thus, hydrofluoric acid can be used to corrode the glass. With hydrofluoric acid on the glass carved lettering, the laboratory can not use hydrofluoric acid glass, ceramics, porcelain, pottery in full bloom, generally available plastic bottles. 

(3) SiO2 and alkali solution reaction can generate water glass, it is a mineral glue, commonly used as a binder. So the laboratory filled with alkaline solution of the reagent bottle without glass plug, but with rubber stopper.