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Research of silica factory

Date : 2017/2/20 17:27:19

Core: survey of silica factory, silica project investment environment analysis, silica project background and development overview, the need for silica project construction, silica industry competitive landscape analysis, silica industry finance Index analysis, silica industry market analysis and construction scale, silica project construction conditions and site selection program, silica project uncertainty and risk analysis, silica industry development trend analysis.

From the 1960s, China began to build up small-scale production of fumed silica, the current domestic major silica factoriy: HISILCO CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, Xinxiang Yellow River Fine Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. and etc. 

The largest silica factory is Germany's Degussa company, production is about 60 kt /a, accounting for the world's total production of silica 2/5 or so; followed by the United States Cabot, Germany Wacker, Japan Tokuyama.

With the rapid growth of Asian economy, there has been a huge market demand space, the low cost of production and the pressure of environmental protection in developed countries to make foreign fumed silica factory began to transfer to Asia. In recent years, foreign fumed silica factory not only exported a large number of products to our market, but also have to build large-scale production equipment in China.